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Ginco has continued to “challenge the trackless path” in the field of Web3.
Based on our knowledge and technology that we have consistently cultivated since our founding and Enterprise-quality support backed by a proven track record, we support our customers' expansion into Web3 as their "accompaniment."

Why Ginco?

Enterprise quality service delivery

Supporting many major companies
We are able to make proposals that are suitable for our customers with PoC support for numerous financial institutions and major companies, and solid knowledge and technical capabilities backed by a track record of providing services.
Robust security and reliability
Ginco has enterprise-level security and technical capabilities and has obtained ISO270001 and SOC II certification.
Web3 expert group
We have many of the best blockchain engineers in the industry and consultants who have been active in the industry since the dawn of Web3.

Our Products

Broad service coverage

Based on Japan's leading track record in the field of Web3 infrastructure, which requires a high level of expertise in development and operation such as wallets and nodes, we provide a wide range of solutions and products that flexibly cover customer issues.
Professional Service

We provide consulting services that support Web3 business from planning to planning. Based on our extensive Web3 business support experience and high technical capabilities, we will provide support for strategy planning and implementation tailored to your business needs, and walk together on the path to success.

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Enterprise Wallet

We provide the business-use crypto asset wallet with the No. 1 introduction record in Japan. Primarily aimed at financial businesses, we support the growth of businesses involved in handling crypto assets by providing products that can improve the security and operational efficiency of asset management.

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We provide a digital asset wallet for business use with strong security and an easy-to-use UI that allows multiple people to manage various tokens such as crypto assets and NFTs. It can be installed simply and safely as a token management wallet that is essential for Web3 deployment.

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We provide a low-latency and high-availability Blockchain Node API. From over 30 unique chains, you can immediately use blockchain nodes that suit your needs.

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We provide an Indexer API that allows you to easily acquire and track information on the blockchain. It makes it easy to track events that occur for a specific wallet address, making it possible to analyze and improve Web3 services more efficiently.

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Wallet Builder

We provide SDK/API with the functions necessary for developing Web3 wallets, such as original wallets and wallet embedding into existing services. In addition to improving development speed, it is also possible to develop services based on technology whose safety has already been verified.

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Supporting the foundation of web3 business
with a robust infrastructure

Perfect security system
We have the highest level of security technology adopted by financial institutions, and we provide safe and secure products based on this technology.
99.99%uptime stability
The infrastructure solutions we provide have high stability and availability due to our unique server construction, and enable stable and continuous operation of the Web3 services provided by our customers.
Low latency API response
The APIs we provide achieve high-speed response through continuous performance optimization. Improve your business efficiency.
Business friendly
We provide products that are not only robust but also have highly user-friendly UI/UX so that our customers can design their business flexibly.
Scalability and flexibility
It supports multi-chain and multi-asset, allowing you to select the optimal plan according to your needs and situation. We also support the development of additional functions upon request.
Collaboration with existing systems
We can provide and develop infrastructure that takes into account the linkage between Web2 services and Web3. We also collaborate with designated development partners.

Perfect support system

Based on our extensive experience in providing services for major financial institutions and enterprises, our dedicated team will provide prompt and detailed support to our customers.

Example of enterprise support plan services

Support time
Support language
Teleconference / regular meeting
Contingency plan
Text communication
24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Conducting telephone conferences during emergencies and technical support, and holding regular meetings once a month
Customize your plan to meet your needs
*Individual consultation regarding daytime/nighttime system
Utilize Slack and Backlog. Telephone support is also available in case of emergency.
"Ginco is a revolutionary platform that accelerates Web3 development. Its ease of use and rich features empower developers to build DApps quickly and efficiently.We are proud to be a Ginco partner and support our customers’ Web3 journey."
Roi Hirata
Head of Japan
"Ginco is a dependable partner renowned for its expertise in blockchain technology and Web3. Through strategic collaborations with leading enterprises, it has proven itself as a trustworthy ally, committed to the pursuit of innovative ideas."
Takahiro Saito
Open Innovation Team Leader
"Implementing Ginco's product has led to a substantial reduction in the costs associated with maintaining and managing wallets. With diverse support and assurance, Ginco is a reliable partner for Web3 businesses in non-competitive domains."
Tomohiko Kondo
Representative Director and President
"Our partners using Oasys report that adopting Ginco's products has enabled them to deploy projects more quickly and efficiently. With comprehensive support, Ginco proves to be a reliable partner for driving effective business and service development.."
Ryo Matsubara
Representative Director
"Ginco stands as a reliable ally with top-tier expertise in Japan when it comes to digital assets. Offering adaptable and highly secure solutions, along with swift integration capabilities for new tokens."
Takashi Tashiro
Representative Director and President
"Ginco excels in crypto exchange operations, adeptly navigating Japan's stringent regulations. Implementation of their solution reduced wallet management personnel by two-thirds, demonstrating impressive cost-effectiveness."
Takuya Oshima
Representative Director
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