Simple and
Superior Security
MPC Wallet for All

Ginco Wallet allows multiple users to control various tokens, including cryptocurrencies and NFTs, with robust security and a user-friendly interface for businesses.
What is Ginco Wallet?

Digital asset wallet for business use to
ensure secure and smooth operations

Ginco Wallet, an MPC wallet, leverages digital asset management best practices initially established for financial institutions,
now tailored for the Web3 space including gaming, entertainment, and a broad spectrum of other businesses.
For Whom?

Optimal Asset Management
for Various Industries and Organizations

General Enterprise
Web3 Businesses
Web3 Startups
Art & Brands
Intellectual Property
Real Estate
Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Financial Institutions
Cryptocurrency Transactions
Cryptocurrency Trusts
Why Choose Ginco Wallet ?

The Ideal Choice
for Managing Digital Assets

With Ginco Wallet, you can flexibly design your asset management operations based on the type and total amount of digital assets managed, tailored to the security level appropriate for the associated risks.
Simple Setup
Complete setup with the installation of our MPC signature app
workflow design
Assign signing workflows to each wallet, with the ability to flexibly set up N of M configurations
Node availability
and data storage
100% data retrieval from our own nodes, with data stored domestically in Japan, ensuring complete historical integrity capable of withstanding financial audits.
Supported protocols
Compatible with EVM-based systems and UTXO systems like Bitcoin.

MPC Wallet:
A Perfect Blend of
High Usability and Security

Multi-signature architecture
Create a transferable wallet with signatures from multiple private key holders. Once generated, the relationship between the address and private keys is fixed and unchangeable.
MPC Method
Utilizes a single private key, fragmented into key shares held by multiple individuals for signing. The address is fixed upon generation, but key share holders can change over time.
"Ginco is a revolutionary platform that accelerates Web3 development. Its ease of use and rich features empower developers to build DApps quickly and efficiently.We are proud to be a Ginco partner and support our customers’ Web3 journey."
Roi Hirata
Head of Japan
"Ginco is a dependable partner renowned for its expertise in blockchain technology and Web3. Through strategic collaborations with leading enterprises, it has proven itself as a trustworthy ally, committed to the pursuit of innovative ideas."
Takahiro Saito
Open Innovation Team Leader
"Implementing Ginco's product has led to a substantial reduction in the costs associated with maintaining and managing wallets. With diverse support and assurance, Ginco is a reliable partner for Web3 businesses in non-competitive domains."
Tomohiko Kondo
Representative Director and President
"Our partners using Oasys report that adopting Ginco's products has enabled them to deploy projects more quickly and efficiently. With comprehensive support, Ginco proves to be a reliable partner for driving effective business and service development.."
Ryo Matsubara
Representative Director
"Ginco stands as a reliable ally with top-tier expertise in Japan when it comes to digital assets. Offering adaptable and highly secure solutions, along with swift integration capabilities for new tokens."
Takashi Tashiro
Representative Director and President
"Ginco excels in crypto exchange operations, adeptly navigating Japan's stringent regulations. Implementation of their solution reduced wallet management personnel by two-thirds, demonstrating impressive cost-effectiveness."
Takuya Oshima
Representative Director
Ginco resolves your cryptocurrency management challenges
End-to-end blockchain solution backed by industry experience and support
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