Invisible Wallet

Intuitive‍NFT UX/UI

Removing complex traditional web3 interface and replacing it with intuitive design to enable smooth NFT wallet experience.

Build your NFT wallet
with Ginco's simple API

Invisible Wallet is a built-in NFT wallet that can be easily integrated using APIs only. It removes the implementation hurdle, reduces operation costs for private key management.
Instant integration with existing infrastructure by utilising unique ID and third-party ID for easy authentication. Also, gas fee arrangement process is no longer necessary.
Enterprise-grade System & Security
Ginco has helped enterprises including financial institutions achieving high stability and security by providing high-quality node services and indexers.
Multi-asset &
Multi- chain Compatibility
We provide APIs compatible with multiple blockchains.

Pain Points Solved
by Invisible Wallet

Invisible Wallet solves challenges faced by NFT businesses.
Challenge1: High Implementation Cost
API Integration
Reduce implementation costs by using API integration
Challenge2: Complex private key management
Private key management unburdended
Ginco's invisible wallet provides private key management and maintenance.
Challenge3: Optimizing UI/UX for NFT Services is challenging.
Embedded wallets enable enhanced UI/UX capabilities.
Build NFT services that eliminate UI/UX friction for users.
Challenge4: Tedious Gas Fee Arrangement Process
Delegate gas fee purchase to Ginco
Clients no longer need to go through the complex procedure of purchasing and distributing of gas fee.

NFT Service Covered

We take over the burden of creating a NFT businesses
Private Key

Gas fee arrangement
Unique ID/
Third Party authentication
Build your NFT business
Please contact us.
Proven track record. Trusted by major web3 indsutry players.

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