Track On-Chain Events

We optimize the monitoring of on-chain events associated with specific addresses, enabling smooth data updates for Web3 services through webhook notifications and indexed transaction details.

Seamless Notifications
for On-Chain Events

We provide APIs for receiving transaction notifications, accessing transaction history, acquiring owned tokens/NFTs. These APIs also enable wallet status monitoring on multiple blockchains.
Transaction Alerts
When transactions occur, webhook send out notifications to make sure you don't miss any on-chain events such as token and NFT transfers.
Transaction History
Indexed data allows for swift data retrieval, simplifying access to information for quick reference.
Token & NFT Tracking
Compatible with the ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 standards, enabling swift and efficient retrieval of asset information.

Simplest Solutionfor On-Chain Data Access

Utilize our indexer to efforlessly access indexed transaction data. Activate the API Key to enable instant tracking of numerous on-chain data.
Without Indexer
With Indexer
All-in-one functionality required for Web3 service development
Ginco offers a SaaS that integrates essential Wallet, Node, and Indexer functions needed for Web3 service development. Our solutions are designed for quick and straightforward deployment without user experience or security.
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about Ginco
We have compiled useful resources to help you learn more about Ginco APIs. Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.
Ginco Web3 API Suite enables rapid and stable development of your services on blockchains with reduced cost.
"Ginco is a revolutionary platform that accelerates Web3 development. Its ease of use and rich features empower developers to build DApps quickly and efficiently.We are proud to be a Ginco partner and support our customers’ Web3 journey."
Roi Hirata
Head of Japan
"Ginco is a dependable partner renowned for its expertise in blockchain technology and Web3. Through strategic collaborations with leading enterprises, it has proven itself as a trustworthy ally, committed to the pursuit of innovative ideas."
Takahiro Saito
Open Innovation Team Leader
"Implementing Ginco's product has led to a substantial reduction in the costs associated with maintaining and managing wallets. With diverse support and assurance, Ginco is a reliable partner for Web3 businesses in non-competitive domains."
Tomohiko Kondo
Representative Director and President
"Our partners using Oasys report that adopting Ginco's products has enabled them to deploy projects more quickly and efficiently. With comprehensive support, Ginco proves to be a reliable partner for driving effective business and service development.."
Ryo Matsubara
Representative Director
"Ginco stands as a reliable ally with top-tier expertise in Japan when it comes to digital assets. Offering adaptable and highly secure solutions, along with swift integration capabilities for new tokens."
Takashi Tashiro
Representative Director and President
"Ginco excels in crypto exchange operations, adeptly navigating Japan's stringent regulations. Implementation of their solution reduced wallet management personnel by two-thirds, demonstrating impressive cost-effectiveness."
Takuya Oshima
Representative Director
Transform your business
End-to-end blockchain solutions trusted by major banks and corporations.
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