Professional Service

Optimal Support for
Our Customers

We offer comprehensive Web3 services including business planning support, development, and tailored strategic implementation based on our extensive experience and technological prowess.

As blockchain specialists,
Provide full support
for our
clients' business creation

We have robust track record helping our clients to build their buisinesses using blockchain technology. We provide comprehensive consulting, technical and operational support for launching new businesses and optimization.

Services Provided

End to end support to overcome the hurdles in creating Web3 businesses
Ideation and
Working side by side with our clients to create new business ideas and conduct feasibility analysis
Proposing the most suitable blockchain and partners to accelerate the commercialization of the service.
Exchange License Application Support
Supporting the license application process and registration.
Defining technological requirement for smooth and timely development.
Introducing the most suitable technology partners and contributors.
PoC Support
Building test environment and providing technological advisory services (E.g. Security Token, Stablecoin, Soulbound Tokens, etc.)

Why Ginco? 

Chosen by many clients for an extensive portfolio of blockchain/Web3 business planning support, cultivated since inception, and development capabilities backed by high technical expertise that meets financial and enterprise standards.
Estabished technologicall skills
in various blockchain ventures,
including in-house products
and clients' projects
Development and
maintenance services
trusted by businesses
including financial institutions
End-to-end consulting
from upstream to downstream
in blockchain application

Broad support coverage
leveraging Japan's top node & wallet service track record

Ginco stands out as one of the few enterprises possessing the high level of expertise necessary for implementation and operation, enabling us to internally develop wallet and nodes. WIth the industry's leading track record, we offer extensive support for client challenges.
Web3 Business Expertise
Development Experience
Engineering Expertise
Extended support for legal, accounting and tax compliance
Consistant Customer Support
Specializing in the Web3 domain since our foundingExtensive service coverage
Proven track record of launching multiple Web3 ventures in-houseEnd-to-end support from busines planning to growth phase
Leading in Web3 infrastructure, specializing in wallets and nodes.
Collaraborate with partners with expertise in Web3 domainsProposals that comply with industry regulations and industry standards can be made
High-level support system specialized in the Web3 domain and operation expertise
Consulting Farm
IT Vendor
Other Web3 Startup
Transform your business
End-to-end blockchain solution backed by industry experience and support
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