The No.1
Digital Asset Wallet
in Japan

With highest security, enterprise-grade usability and speedy chain integration, your exchange business has no limit for business expansion.

End-to-end solution driving operational efficiency
and fostering business growth

Enterprise Wallet streamlines asset management for cryptocurrency exchanges and digital asset businesses, fostering growth with its comprehensive solution. Offering security with fraud prevention and multi-currency support, as well as customizable API integration, it ensures a seamless setup tailored to diverse client needs.
Strict private key security
We employ distributed management for private keys, using both HSMs (hardware security modules) and dedicated signing terminals. Your assets are safeguarded with biometric authentication on offline terminals.
Business-optimized operability
Utilizing our Signing Tool App and operational dashboard, manage assets securely offline with private keys. No cumbersome outputs or wired connections required. Create new wallets and change permissions simply, without the need for engineering resources.
Reliable Client Support
As your trusted asset management partner, we offer comprehensive ongoing support for your business needs. Our services encompass regulatory compliance, currency additions, token selection research, and incident handling, including hard forks.

The leading choice in Japan for currency varietyBoost your competitive edge
by swiftly expanding your currency options

Ginco accelerates currency integrations to meet customer needs and market demands all through our guaranteed in-house developers, while major overseas exchanges try to gain competitive advantage by outsourcing digital asset integration work.
Addition of proprietary platform currency
From 1 Month Minimum
Addition of ERC20 token
From 2 Weeks Minimum
For Whom?

Optimal Security & Usability
for Crypto Finance

Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Financial Institutions
Cryptocurrency Transactions
Cryptocurrency Trusts
General Enterprise
Web3 Businesses
Web3 Startups
Art & Brands
Intellectual Property
Real Estate

Solving Cryptocurrency Business Challenges
with Security and Usability


Staking Function
Offer seamless staking on Enterprise Wallet, featuring top usability and security, with no additional development needed.
Monitoring Function
Enables integrated management of multiple crypto wallets, enhancing transparency in asset management and inter-departmental collaboration, thereby reducing the workload related to crypto asset handling.
"Ginco is a revolutionary platform that accelerates Web3 development. Its ease of use and rich features empower developers to build DApps quickly and efficiently. We are proud to be a Ginco partner and support our customers’ Web3 journey."
Roi Hirata
Head of Japan
"Implementing Ginco's product has led to a substantial reduction in the costs associated with maintaining and managing wallets. With diverse support and assurance, Ginco is a reliable partner for Web3 businesses in non-competitive domains."
Tomohiko Kondo
Representative Director and President
"Our partners using Oasys report that adopting Ginco's products has enabled them to deploy projects more quickly and efficiently. With comprehensive support, Ginco proves to be a reliable partner for driving effective business and service development."
Ryo Matsubara
Representative Director
"Ginco stands as a reliable ally with top-tier expertise in Japan when it comes to digital assets. Offering adaptable and highly secure solutions, along with swift integration capabilities for new tokens."
Takashi Tashiro
Representative Director and President
"Ginco excels in crypto exchange operations, adeptly navigating Japan's stringent regulations. Implementation of their solution reduced wallet management personnel by two-thirds, demonstrating impressive cost-effectiveness."
Takuya Oshima
Representative Director
Transform your Web3 business
Feel free to reach out to our team for further information
End-to-end blockchain solution backed by industry experience and support
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